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Why the new kitchen looks uncomfortable: design errors

Impractical Kitchen Design Ideas

It is difficult to think over all the details during the repair without having design knowledge and skills, and it is expensive to turn to professionals for a project. But it is precisely such savings that often lead to the fact that, upon completion of the planned alteration, certain areas in the apartment seem uncomfortable.

Most often, it is the kitchen that causes such emotions, because we spend most of the time there, being at home, and make big plans for it. We tell you what can be frustrating in the kitchen after the repair.

Mistake #1: not enough light

Lamps for the kitchen

Even in gloomy weather and in the evening, the kitchen should be light, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to eat and communicate. Designers assure that it is difficult to overdo it with light in the table area. You can only make a mistake with the choice of lamp.

The lighting in the dining area should be comfortable – not eye-catching and blinding, but soft and bright enough. Top lighting here is preferable to side lighting. It is better not to use a sconce, but instead of one lamp, choose several separate ceiling lights.

Mistake number 2: the wrong choice of place for the table

Bar counter in the kitchen

In the kitchen, a dining group consisting of a table and chairs is most often placed opposite the working area. This is the name of the wall where the kitchen set with a sink, stove and hood is located. This is the norm, which is ideal for a spacious or square room.

In a rectangular narrow kitchen with such an arrangement of furniture, it becomes difficult to move around, and sitting at the table while something is being cooked on the stove is uncomfortable.

Correcting the situation is simple: we shift the headset to one corner, and place the table in the opposite diagonal. Also give preference to folding furniture that will save space or make a bar by the window, giving yourself the opportunity to drink coffee every day with a stunning view of the street.

Mistake number 3: passages are not planned

Table in the kitchen

The space in the kitchen should be ergonomic – there should be no discomfort when moving. Also, regardless of the complexion, a person should not touch other interior items.

Mistake #4: Dark Furniture

dark kitchen

A dark kitchen on the one hand seems practical, but on the other it will look too small and compressed. Lamps will not be able to solve this problem, so it is recommended that at least the upper facades of the cabinets be made light.

Mistake number 5: the oven under the stove

Country style kitchen

A habit left over from when everyone had a gas stove with an oven leads many to place modern electric household appliances for baking in the same place. But it is much more comfortable to watch a pie or meat, being in a straight position.

Mistake #6: Uncomfortable chairs

Table with stools in the kitchen

The kitchen will not be comfortable if you do not choose comfortable chairs. Yes, before everyone had stools, which, after a meal, were easy to push under the table, freeing up space. But we are talking about comfort. And it can not be when the back is in tension.

Mistake #7: Not enough work surfaces

Small kitchen

To make it comfortable not only to eat, but also to cook in the kitchen, consider in advance where the work surface will be located. The more free space you leave for yourself, the more pleasant it will be to spend time there.

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