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Women’s anime hairstyles: easy and beautiful options with photo examples

Youth subcultures seriously influence fashion. Japanese animation has a lot of fans who are trying to transfer the images of their favorite characters to real life. The masters of our salon will tell you everything about women’s anime hairstyles: how to make easy and beautiful options.

anime hairstyles

Features of anime hairstyles

Cartoon is a hallmark of the anime style. Hair of bright colors is combined with the same noticeable makeup, emphasizing the individuality of the owner. The bow must have fan eyelashes and eyebrows formed in the salon. When creating an image, modern methods of staining are used.

The length of hairstyles is varied, so they meet from short to extremely long. In the anime style, the princess bow (“hime”), the analogue of which in Western culture is Lolita, has become popular.

In the styling, children’s details are appropriate:

  • careless braids;
  • ponytails;
  • bulk bundles.

In female anime hairstyles there are bangs. The asymmetric forelock of dense structure is very popular. With the help of the element, they cover a high forehead and a large face, placing accents on the eyes. Ragged and ultra-short tufts are found in the images.

Anime hairstyle on a girl: a copy and an original character

Women’s anime hairstyles use sophisticated cutting techniques to create volume and dynamics. The strands should retain their natural shape and shine. Layered haircuts look bright, unusual and fresh. In female anime hairstyles, the face is always framed.

Cartoon images of girls with anime hairstyles

Small ponytails, buns on both sides of the head are combined with long curls. The hair is fixed with children’s rubber bands, bows and hairpins. Anime is a youth style that suits young girls experimenting with appearance.

Hair can be dyed in bright colors or tint balms of unusual tones can be used. All the details emphasize the young lady’s youth and prettiness.

Bright hair color for a girl with an anime hairstyle

Anime almost doesn’t fit with mainstream adult clothing styles. For beauties after 30 years, stylists recommend using individual elements from haircuts and styling. Fashionable women after 40 are contraindicated in bright cartoon coloring.

Youth style with an anime hairstyle for a girl

Women’s anime hairstyles are suitable for any face shape. The disproportion of the face is masked with the help of voluminous buns, torn strands and bangs. Closing her forehead under a thick forelock, the young lady focuses on her eyes. Eyes in style are the main element.

Anime hairstyles for young girls

Bright images of girls with anime hairstyles

Anime hairstyles with ponytails

The ponytail is a popular anime styling option. Hairstyles are used for both long and short and medium hair. The element can be collected on the back of the head with a palm tree, leaving the lower curls free. The ponytails tied asymmetrically or double on the sides look original.

Anime hairstyle with tails

The height of the ponytail is not fixed. In female anime hairstyles, the hair is placed both high on the crown and in the middle and bottom position. The first option is suitable for women of fashion with long hair, the rest are appropriate for haircuts.

Side ponytail in an anime hairstyle for a girl

Before you make women’s anime hairstyles, the curls must be combed. The mane is divided into two parts, the strands of the forelock are separated. The hair is combed up, tied in a ponytail on each side. To add volume to the hairstyle will help a little bouffant and a comb with thin teeth. Laying is fixed with varnish.

Loose hair with anime tails in a blond girl

For young ladies with long hair, the ponytail is wound on a curling iron, creating large curls. For straight hair, salon masters advise adding texture. For these purposes, use a drop of wax or gel, disassemble the strands with your fingers. Anime women’s hairstyle is decorated with ribbons or children’s hairpins.

Double ponytails in anime hairstyle for girls with blue hair

Tail options for creating anime hairstyles

Hairstyle Kare with ponytails in anime style

Buns and buns in anime hairstyles

Bunches in anime styling look much more unusual than traditional adult options. Elements are often used together with ribbons. Bows can be located both on the surface of the bun and come out of it. The hair on the head is divided into two parts, making a noticeable even or asymmetrical (side) parting.

How to make hair buns in anime style: diagram

The buns in female anime hairstyles are most often high. Hair is first collected in ponytails, fixing with elastic bands. When styling, it is important to completely remove the “roosters”, creating a perfect smooth surface on the head.

Hairstyle with anime buns

Curls from the ponytail are neatly twisted into bundles, which are folded into a hard bun. The beam is fixed with hairpins, invisible and treated with varnish. Ribbons are wound around the resulting female anime hairstyle, the ends are tied into a bow.

Bundles with braids in an anime hairstyle

Anime hair styling

Buns with ribbons in anime hair

Sailor Moon Anime Women's Hairstyle

Anime hairstyle with buns

Volumetric bundles in anime hair

Anime hair buns with bangs

Anime hairstyles with ears

Cat hair ears are one of the most recognizable anime elements.

Cat ears in anime hairstyle

The details look very creative, so the beauty will be in the spotlight.

  • To create a styling, the hair is carefully combed. Strands are taken on the head from each of the two sides.
  • Curls are combed with a thin comb, fixed with varnish.
  • The workpiece is twisted along the length into a tourniquet, fixed behind the fleece with the help of invisibility. Curly girls, when creating ears, need to straighten their hair with an iron. Each strand is divided into upper and lower sections.
  • After creating volume, the hair is sprayed with a fixing spray.
  • The elements are twisted into a tourniquet to such an extent that it resembles cat shells, attached with invisibility.
  • The remaining curls are combed directly under the ear.
  • The design is gently straightened with fingers. In this image, bright hairpins are used.
original hairstyle with anime ears

Anime women’s hairstyle can be wrapped around the headband. Behind the accessory, 2 strands are separated, which are treated with medium fixation varnish. The hair is wrapped, giving the shape of a cat’s ear. The result is abundantly varnished for reliability.

Ears on a long anime hairstyle

Anime hairstyles with braids and braids

In female anime hairstyles, braids are often used. A separate element can be combined with loose hair. One or two pigtails are braided from the side, combined with large curls and bangs. To protect the weaving, they are fixed at the bottom with tiny hairpins or bows.

Anime style in women's hairstyles: pigtails

Braids can be made from two high tails. The hair is parted into two parts, tied under an elastic band. Curls are divided into three strands, which are tightly woven. The image is completed with huge bows, like a schoolgirl.

Pigtails can be combined with a bun.

  • The hair is carefully combed, divided along the parting into two parts, which are still crushed into 2 elements (upper and lower).
  • The hair is collected by 4 tails of any location, fixed with rubber bands.
  • The first braid is weaved below, then they move on to the second.
  • The upper part in the gum zone is twisted into a bun, which is fixed with invisibility and sprayed with varnish.

Low braids made with free weaving look very feminine. The ends are elongated, and elastic bands are used for fixation. Pigtails are thrown over the shoulders, worn in front.

Free braiding technique for anime hairstyles

cobra knot – one of the memorable female anime hairstyles that adults use.

  • The curls are combed to one side, the forelock is stabbed with an invisibility.
  • From the hair is separated into two strands, the rest of the hair is grabbed with an elastic band.
  • The right curl is carried out under the tail, holding the middle and making a loop. It is better to keep the end of the strand …

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