Бьюти процедуры для мужчин

Women’s beauty treatments that have become popular among men

Beauty treatments that have recently become popular among men

Taking care of yourself in order to preserve youth for the longest possible period today is accepted not only among women, but also among men.

Not so long ago, the strong half began to visit beauty salons and carry out a series of manipulations with their own body and face at home in order to look fresh and young. We decided to tell you about which procedures are in the highest demand and are not cosmetic (there is no penetration under the skin).

Get inspired, look good today in trend.

Eyebrow shape correction

Eyebrow shaping for men

Previously, men simply pulled out the longest hair, because at some point they realized that they were blocking their view.

Today, it is customary to treat eyebrows with care and respect. Men, following women, discovered such specialists as eyebrow specialists, and began to visit them regularly. The main requests are shape correction and painting, if there is a need to hide gray hairs.


Body hair adorns a man, but many decide to get rid of them, especially in such areas as: shoulders, chest, back, stomach.

Previously, the representatives of the stronger sex could use a razor, but then they realized that the hairs after that not only grow faster, but also become stiff. It can also cause irritation and itching. So why torture yourself when there are amazing beauty services like waxing and sugaring?

And the most progressive men visit specialists who perform laser removal of unwanted body hair. This procedure allows you to forget about the problem forever.


How men wear patches

Literally every woman has hydrogel patches. But at what point did men appreciate their effect and began to purchase them for daily use?

Today, many representatives of show business do not hesitate to say that they use patches to remove signs of fatigue and lack of sleep, as well as moisturize the most delicate areas of the skin on the face – the area under the eyes.

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Mesotherapy for men

Hair Growth Treatmentsthat can be done by a beautician have become popular not only among women, but also men.

It was earlier that the representatives of the stronger sex were ready to put up with baldness and considered Bruce Willis their idol. Today, they are ready to endure not the most pleasant injections into the scalp, just to stimulate hair growth and awaken dormant bulbs.

Manicure and pedicure

Fashionable male manicure

Have you noticed that the hands of men have noticeably prettier? The reason is the popularization of office professions that require you to look neat and well-groomed. 30 minutes in the chair of a manicurist give you the opportunity to feel confident, forget about abscesses due to improper haircuts and ingrown nails that interfere with walking and working normally.

And recently, men quite often began to paint their nails. This is not required of them by any employer. This is a pouring trend, which, by the way, is already on the decline.

Have you noticed that men have become more tidy? What procedure does your husband prefer?

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