Women’s cardigans: an overview of fashion trends

The most fashionable women’s cardigans for 2021

A cardigan is an integral part of a woman’s outfit for cool weather. With the help of this element, you can radically transform the style, making it even more fashionable and relevant for the season.

Fashionable styles of cardigans in 2021

fashionable cardigan

The cardigan is a great replacement for a jacket or coat. 2019 is rich in various styles of cardigans. However, the following models are considered especially fashionable, beautiful and popular:

  • Shortened – just below the waist;
  • Elongated – to the knee or below;
  • Oversize – volumetric options;
  • Asymmetric: with overlaps, torn floors;
  • With a belt to accentuate the waist.

The main feature of any cardigan is the absence of fasteners and lining.

In such clothes, zippers and a lot of buttons along the entire length are excluded, and also often there are no shoulder pads and lapels, like jackets or coats. Most often, buttons on a cardigan are placed exclusively on the upper part at the chest or one large one at the waist. Also in fashion are cardigans with a belt or an original decorative brooch – a fibula.

Fashionable beige cardigan

Knitted cardigans are especially popular this year. It is hand knitting that is highly valued, since handmade products are now at the peak of popularity. Knitting can be large or small, with original ornaments and patterns. Knitted patterns made of threads of various shades in contrasting combinations look interesting and original.

Fashionable knitted cardigan

Asymmetric models look interesting and unusual. Moreover, asymmetry can be expressed in various ways. It can be an unusual patchwork hem or original sleeves. Asymmetry goes well with knitwear.

Asymmetrical cardigan

The choice of style directly depends on the created image, taste preferences, height and size of the girl. For example, girls with curvaceous forms are especially suitable for elongated options that can hide excess weight. And asymmetrical cardigans and oversized models look good only on tall and slender girls.


Long cardigan

Cardigans are considered elongated from the knee to the ankle. These options are perfect for jeans, trousers, leggings. Long cardigans can be classic cut, with a belt or asymmetrical.

Long gray cardigan

Checkered cardigan

For elongated models, it is better to choose neutral and calm shades: gray, black, chocolate, wine and dark green. This year, gray versions of the product with decorative embroidery and deep side pockets are in fashion.

Olive cardigan

Elongated models can be supplemented with other decorative elements, such as pockets or large fake buttons. Geometric prints, checks and stripes on the fabric also look interesting.

Stylists say that trousers and jeans should be longer than a cardigan, while skirts and dresses should be shorter.


Oversized cardigan

Oversized is one of the main trends of this year. However, when choosing clothes of this type, it should be borne in mind that such models are suitable only for slender girls, otherwise they are able to emphasize figure flaws and visually enlarge it.

Oversized gray cardigan

Oversized knitted cardigans are especially relevant. Using the original knitting, you can create absolutely any pattern or pattern on the surface of the product. Fashionistas will like models with voluminous sleeves and an unusual knitted ornament.

Knitted options

Also, oversized models can be decorated with fringe or feathers along the hem, which will give the cardigan additional volume. From the colors it is better to choose more neutral tones, for example, classic black, beige, soft pink and gray. The oversized cardigan goes well with sports and street styles.

With belt

White cardigan with belt

Belted cardigan is the new fashion trend of 2021. With the help of a belt, you can emphasize the elegance of the figure, focusing on the waist. The model is suitable for any type of figure, but looks best on tall and medium height girls.

Fashionable colors for a cardigan with a belt include juicy and rich shades: marsala, wine, purple, emerald green, royal blue, bright pink and even white. Perfectly complement the image of a stylish beret.

Red cardigan with belt

It should be noted that it is best to choose a belt for a cardigan in calm classic shades or in tone with the main color of the product. Belts of black and gray colors with an original buckle are considered universal.

Blue cardigan with belt

The material for the cardigan can be absolutely anything, it depends on the season. Moreover, this style goes well with both business and romantic looks, which allows you to combine styles as you wish.


Cropped cardigan

Cropped cardigans are a good option for a warm off-season. Depending on the chosen material, such a model does not allow to freeze, but at the same time it will not allow the body to overheat. You should also pay attention to the shape and length of the sleeves.

Three-quarter sleeve length is considered relevant for cropped cardigans.

Yellow cardigan

A shortened cardigan can be of absolutely any color, as long as it is combined with the rest of the wardrobe. You can add it with a neat strap or scarf. It also looks good with pockets in a contrasting color.

Multicolour Cropped Cardigan

For summer, you can choose a cardigan with a light knit of a thin thread. If there are buttons, this style can completely replace other outerwear. You can also wear a thin short top underneath.

Yellow cardigan with buttons

A cropped cardigan looks organic with dresses and skirts, especially puffy styles. The model will be a good replacement for a leather or denim jacket, as it matches perfectly with any style of clothing.

Fashion materials for cardigans

Knitted cardigan

A cardigan should always be chosen according to the season, as its thermal qualities directly depend on the materials used in the manufacture. The most popular materials for cardigans:

  • Tweed;
  • Suede;
  • Knitwear;
  • Cashmere;
  • neoprene;
  • Wool or mohair (if knitted).

Along with knitted cardigans, tweed, suede and cashmere products are considered the most fashionable. They are versatile options that are suitable for any weather.


Tweed cardigan

Jackets, jackets and coats are most often made from tweed fabric, but this year cardigans from the same material are also in fashion. Tweed cardigans can be of any style and model, but shortened options are considered especially stylish.

A tweed product goes well with large buttons at the waist or a belt and fringe along the hem. This style is most suitable for trousers or jeans, and looks good with both casual and business attire.

Checked tweed cardigan

Tweed cropped cardigan

Tweed cardigans are predominantly made with geometric prints. A large or small cell, as well as a variety of stripes are in fashion. Such options are best combined with plain clothes.

Tweed cardigan

Tweed cardigans are suitable for girls and women of all ages. However, they should be avoided by those who are overweight, as the material can visually add volume….

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