Модные топы на лето

Women’s fashion tops: review of models, photos

The cut of the tops, which is now in trend

A top is first and foremost a piece of clothing. Style and cut can be very different. The only thing that unites the products is the shortened length. The top, as a rule, does not cover the navel, although many manage to call T-shirts and T-shirts with this word. In general, in order not to be confused and have an accurate idea of ​​what tops are in fashion now, read our review.

10 tops that are in trend today

The most fashionable jersey top for the summer
Stylish knitted top with a collar
How to wear a top with a shirt in winter
Beautiful knitted top
Top and jeans image
How To Wear a Silk Top With Jeans
Knitted summer top - trend

So, choosing a top, first of all, you should evaluate your own proportions. Some models expand the shoulders, others visually increase the chest, and still others lengthen the neck. Depending on what problem needs to be solved, we make a choice.

It is important to remember that tops are not only suitable for slim and thin girls. This is a versatile garment that you need to be able to wear correctly.

If the figure does not allow walking down the street with an open navel, we prefer high-waisted trousers and skirts. Preferably with a belt or a smooth elastic band and a soft extension from them.

With emphasis on the chest

Top with bodice photo
Bra top

One of the most popular models of tops this year is with an emphasis on the chest. Cups that stand out look attractive and feminine at the same time.

Stylists recommend this style for those with small breasts, as women with enviable shapes can look vulgar in this outfit.

Top with an emphasis on the chest is harmoniously combined with a cropped wide cardigan and a jacket in a masculine style. In some cases, a denim jacket is suitable.


Knitted top
Knitted top photo

Knitted tops are back in business, so needlewomen who can create them can once again take orders. Such things are valued due to their uniqueness, so when deciding to purchase such a thing, think over the color palette. Let it be a versatile product, combined with most outfits.

with knot

Top with knot photo
Top with knot photo

Non-committal, but very stylish design of tops – with a knot. You can tie it yourself or initially purchase a T-shirt, from which it was thought out during production. By the way, the advantage of such tops is that they visually distract attention from the stomach. Therefore, they are in demand among those who regularly skip a workout for the press.

On thin straps

Top with thin straps
Top with thin straps photo

If you need to visually enlarge your chest and stretch your neck, choose a trendy top with very thin straps. It looks gentle and adds to the image of fragility.


knitted top
Knitted top

It doesn’t matter what style – the main thing is to be made of knitwear. This rule is suitable for those fashionistas who prefer to go without a bra in the summer. It is in a knitted top that is as comfortable as possible, try it!


Asymmetric top
Asymmetric top photo

Asymmetric tops, that is, those in which one of the straps is missing or of a different shape, are disputed by girls who make them look stylish. Such clothes are combined with a simple basic bottom – a skirt, jeans, shorts.

Linen style

How To Wear a Silk Top With Jeans

Typically, lingerie-style tops were made in standard lengths. However, this year fashionistas have different requests. Now the lingerie-style top does not need to be tucked in, as it has lost a couple of precious centimeters and barely touches the belt from high trousers or a skirt.

like a corset

Top like a corset
Top like a corset white

The off-the-shoulder top is beautiful and sophisticated. This can be made from knitwear or any dense fabric that can hold its shape.

It lengthens the neck, but visually expands the shoulders, so women who want to correct this area are not recommended to choose them.

With strings

Tie top
Tie top photo

One of the main trends of this season is tie tops. Long ropes that can be wrapped around the waist several times create an original and modern look. By the way, making yourself such a top is as easy as shelling pears. Choose a product to which you can sew 70-80 cm of ribbon of the same color and enjoy the result.

Like a t-shirt

Top T-shirt
T-shirt top red

Casual tops are cropped T-shirts. This, by the way, can also be done independently by cutting the product.

Cropped T-shirts. usually free style. Pair with sportswear and casual. Not suitable for an office bow or bottom layer with a jacket.

Be on trend and wear tops that emphasize the dignity of the figure.

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