Women's haircut for an oval face

Women’s Haircut Ideas 2022 for Oval Face with Stylish Photo Ideas

A professional hairdresser knows that when choosing a haircut for a client, first of all, you need to focus on the shape of the face and its features. The perception of appearance as a whole depends on the correct haircut. A hairstyle can emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the flaws. In this article, we will talk about what haircuts are best for an oval face.

Women's haircut for an oval face

Features of a female oval face

Often, an oval face is called universal or ideal. By this they mean that all types of haircuts are suitable for its owners. This is practically true, but it is worth remembering that the face does not always have an ideal oval shape.

It happens that a high forehead stands out against the general background, or a long nose requires adjustment. Such small flaws can be hidden by choosing the right haircut.

Short female haircut for an oval face

But with the help of hairstyles, you can also emphasize the beneficial sides of the “oval”. As a rule, its owners have medium, refined and soft facial features. They look harmonious with most hairstyles that “open” the face and do not overload the image.

How to choose hair length for an oval face

When choosing the length of the hair, pay attention to the neck. Remember that bob, bob and other short haircuts open the neck area and emphasize it, and also draw attention to the lower part of the face. If you are not satisfied with your chin or neck length, choose haircuts that are shoulder-length and below.

Women's long bob haircut on an oval face

  • short length

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on daily hair styling, feel free to choose a short haircut. Some feel sorry for cutting their hair, but if you contact a professional hairdresser who will take into account the features of your face, then experimenting with appearance will please you anyway.

In addition, short haircuts are always relevant and do not go out of fashion. For example, try pixies. This haircut came into fashion in the 50s when Audrey Hepburn appeared with it. A pixie emphasizes the sophistication of the face, and if you want to correct a high forehead, you can add ragged bangs.

Pixie haircut for an oval face

Also, the bob never goes out of fashion. The haircut is great for the “oval” because it involves a gradual increase in the length of the strands from the back of the head to the face. The most front strands favorably emphasize the harmonious shape of the face, and if you contour the hair, the effect will intensify.

Bob haircut and oval female face

If you want to add audacity to the image, choose a garcon haircut. She resembles a pixie, but opens her face more. Most often, it is the garcon that is called the “under the boy” haircut. The rear view of the haircut can be different – it depends on the hairline. For example, you can make a straight line or leave the strands long enough.

Women's haircut

Shaved whiskey is another interesting hairstyle that always makes you look younger due to the fact that it is associated with youth. However, shaved temples are suitable even for older women, the main thing is to keep the proportions. The more long hair you leave, the less whiskey you need to shave.

Women's pixie haircut with shaved temples

  • Average length

If you are afraid to experiment a lot with your appearance, but you want something new, pick up a hairstyle with an average length. Here, the choice of styling also leaves room for imagination. The most common hairstyle for medium hair is, of course, a caret. This haircut favorably emphasizes the oval shape of the face and is suitable for hair of any density.

Women's haircut Kare for an oval face

One of the most common haircuts for medium length is the “cascade”. This hairstyle involves a gradual increase in the length of the strands, while the shortest are located near the face. It creates a kind of waterfall effect. The cascade is best suited for thick hair, because it will take away the missing volume from rare ones.

Cascade with long bangs for an oval female face

The cascade looks very interesting with hair contouring. This is a type of coloring in which strands near the face are made lighter than the main tone of the hair. Contouring creates the effect of “highlighting” the face, which makes the appearance younger. And to make the hairstyle look as impressive as possible, you can make curls.

Haircut Cascade with contouring on an oval face

You can try to combine the caret and the average length of the hair, making an asymmetric haircut. On one side, the hair reaches the shoulders, and on the other – the shoulder blades.

  • Long hair

There are many interesting ways to cut long hair. For example, pay attention to the soft layering. These are cascading haircuts that have many varieties for long hair.

You need to select a cascade, focusing on the density of the hair. With the help of a cascade, you can correct the oval, “open” the face more strongly, or, conversely, cover the cheekbones that attract attention.

Cascade for long female hair and oval face

Experiment with the types of bangs.

Some believe that bangs are irrelevant now, but the latest trends in hairdressing prove the opposite. Bangs are not only straight: “torn” bangs, consisting of strands of different lengths, have come into fashion.

Also, bangs can slightly cover the forehead on both sides. So the hairstyle does not weigh down, while it looks cute and airy.

Bangs for long hair and an oval face

An interesting haircut option for long hair is in the shape of the letter V. In another way, such a haircut is called a “fox tail”. Similar names are associated with the fact that the ends of the hair gradually narrow, resembling the letter V.

Women's foxtail haircut

Type of haircut for an oval face depending on the type of hair

Sparse hair requires volume, and thick, on the contrary, can make the image heavier. Thick hair is more difficult to care for, but in summer it is hot with them. In this case, a haircut, on the contrary, should make the hair more airy and weightless. In addition, the thickness of the hair depends on how much emphasis will be placed on the oval shape of the face.

Volumetric female hairstyle for thick hair and an oval face

  • Long hairstyles are best for thick hair, while medium length is best for fine hair. Also, sparse hair can be cut short to achieve the required volume at the back of the head.
Kare for women's hair of medium thickness and oval face

  • Consider the structure of the hair. Curly hair looks best in short haircuts. Moreover, it is easier to take care of them. And light waves look elegant in long hairstyles and medium bob.
Kare for curly female hair and oval face

Does the age of a woman affect the choice of haircut

Hairstyle can significantly rejuvenate you.

A well-chosen haircut distracts attention from the shortcomings that arise with age:

  • Short haircuts, such as bob, are often worn by young girls. But they are suitable for almost any age, because they look restrained and provocatively.
  • Bob with twisted curls is also referred to as “rejuvenating” haircuts. It creates soft waves in the face, making it younger.
  • Pay attention to light bangs and give up straight and solid. The strands of the face should be weightless.
Classic women's bob with bangs

What should be the bangs with an oval face

There are many varieties of bangs. All types are suitable for an oval face, but you need to consider the hairstyle as a whole:

  • Oblique bangs – a universal option. She smoothly passes into the hairstyle, visually reducing the height of the forehead.
Women's hairstyle with oblique bangs on an oval face

  • Long bangs are suitable if you like to wear a bun. It can be released, creating a slightly messy hairstyle. It also rejuvenates the image, giving the appearance of relaxation and some naivety.
Bun with bangs on an oval face

  • Long…

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