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Women’s haircuts that don’t look elegant

Haircuts that don’t look elegant

The image of a woman consists of a number of basic elements. This outfit, makeup, accessories and, of course, hair. True, there is not always time to visit the master and create an original hairstyle, so you have to do the styling yourself. There are a number of haircuts that are easy to style with a hair dryer and curling iron. They are the most adapted to create elegant images. But today is not about practical options.

We have collected the top 5 popular women’s haircuts that are difficult to style in an elegant way. We tell you what these haircuts are and why difficulties can arise with them. We also show alternative hairstyles.


Haircut mullet
Haircut mullet

The mallet haircut is characterized by a short crown, and a gradient along the entire length. It is extremely difficult to create an elegant image from such a base, since the thin strands in the occipital area do not hold their shape.

How to style your hair smoothly
The idea of ​​​​how to style a haircut mullet

This haircut is suitable for images in the style of punk, rock, grunge. An elegant classic outfit does not match with her. But there is a way out – use styling products with strong hold and collect hair in a smooth hairstyle. So it will be possible to pacify the entire gradient and look harmonious in the dress.

Bangs angle

Fashionable and unfashionable side bangs

oblique bangs – a stylish element of the image, if you cut it correctly. It is believed that the shortest part of the hair should cover the eyebrow. This is necessary in order to be able to remove hair at any time with the help of an accessory.

A hairstyle with bangs “angle” is not among the fashionable and elegant examples. This style is outdated. It is also believed that the angle makes the image simple and boring.

back angle

There are various hair cut options. Straight or thinned are relevant, but the angle is considered obsolete.

hair cut options

It is not recommended to perform such a haircut due to the fact that it looks inelegant. The hair loses volume and seems thinner. While a straight cut adds charm and sophistication to the image.

Bob with extension

Long bob haircut

Bob haircut is characterized by shortened hair in the lower occipital area. The front can be an even cut, bangs, elongation.

Elegant stylists call an even cut and straight bangs. But the haircut in the style of Victoria Beckham has long lost its relevance. It is classified as zero and considered outdated glamor. Instead of elongated thin strands, it is recommended to decorate the face with a clear line that emphasizes the cheekbones and oval of the face.

Long unkempt hair

Short haircut with shaved sides

Long hair is not always pretty. If you do not properly care for the strands, do not cut the ends in time and do not tint the length, you should not expect the “WOW” effect by dissolving them. Sometimes a stylish pixie haircut looks more elegant than loose long hair.

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