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Women’s haircuts that need to be updated often

Women’s haircuts that need to be updated often

Men, as a rule, visit the stylist once every 4-6 weeks. The frequency of women’s haircuts mainly depends on the chosen length. For example, it is recommended to renew the caret once a month, and medium length hair every 3-4 months. In fact, only a few adhere to these recommendations. But not only the accuracy of the hairstyle depends on this, but also the quality of the hair.

We tell you which women’s haircuts require regular updating.

A square with a perfect cut

Daring styling for a caret
Elegant bob haircut

One of the most popular haircuts of the past years is a flat bob. This hairstyle has been recognized more than once as the most model and Hollywood, since divas of the first magnitude, one after another, chose it for the red carpet.

Today, a square with a perfect cut has somewhat lost ground, giving way to the option with thinning and bangs. Why?

Kare and ash blonde photo
Straight cut square

An ideal cut implies a complete rejection of thinning. On the one hand, this haircut option helps the ends look thicker and richer. But on the other hand, a large mass remains at the ends, which quickly loses its attractive appearance.

Caret styling
Malvinka from a caret

If the hair is of a curly type and is regularly straightened with hot styling devices, the quality of the tips deteriorates many times faster. Due to the density, they are more difficult to “pull out”, so you have to re-work with tongs. And this is an additional exposure to hot temperatures, which adversely affect the condition of the curls.

Bangs arc

Cascade with bangs for long hair photo
Beautiful styling with bangs
Idea for haircut with bangs
Cascade with bangs for long hair

Popular this season, the elongated bangs with an arc give the image a special charm. It is she who is chosen by women of fashion with long and medium hair who want to transform, while maintaining the length.

Stylish hairstyle with bangs photo
Types of bangs for caret
Dakota Johnson photo bangs
Angelina Jolie hairstyle with bangs

True, the “arc” bangs have one significant drawback – it grows very quickly. Cutting it shorter, like on the side or straight, does not make sense, since all the charm of the haircut will be lost. And in the usual version, it begins to interfere and “get into the eyes” after 10-14 days. Well, who wants to run to the salon several times a month?

Pixie with long hair

asymmetrical pixie
Original haircut for short hair

Pixie haircut is considered practical and stylish, but to the classic version. As soon as the client agrees to the experiment proposed by the master, he will have to return to him every month to “correct” the work of art.

Pixies and coloring
Pixies and colored strands

The strands left in the lower temporal zone look extravagant and attractive, provided that the styling is voluminous. It is difficult to repeat it at home, so you want to trim the protruding tails literally on the second day after visiting the salon.

shoulder length

Cool haircut for a new mom
Bob haircut with side bangs

The popular shoulder length is the most capricious. In order for the hair to lie neatly, it is necessary to constantly use straightening tongs. Due to frequent styling, the hair quickly loses its attractive appearance (especially the tips), so you need to run to the stylist for a haircut again.
Regular bob / Shaggy cut

What to do? There are two options:

  • Kare, in which the bottom layer is somewhat shorter than the top;
  • Ladder, when the upper occipital zone is shorter than the lower one.

In both cases, styling becomes easier and more comfortable, and the period of wearing the hairstyle is extended by at least a month.

On a note: so that the haircut does not have to be updated too often, choose practical options:

  • Light thinning of the ends has not hurt anyone yet;
  • The bangs in the classic version do not interfere for more than a month, and in the elongated version it requires updating every 2 weeks;
  • A shaved back of the head or whiskey, like a classic men’s haircut, which will have to be touched up after 3-4 weeks.

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