A characteristic feature of women's hairstyles of the middle of the last century is curls and rollers.

Women’s hairstyles of the 40s (with photo examples)

Women at all times and under any circumstances sought to be beautiful. Hairstyle is the most important element in creating an attractive image. The concept of beauty and fashion is very changeable. However, there is now an increased interest in the past. The retro style is at the peak of popularity, because everything new is a well-forgotten old. Let’s see what hairstyles our grandmothers wore.

A characteristic feature of women's hairstyles of the middle of the last century is curls and rollers.

The main features of women’s hairstyles of the 40s

In the 40s, the style of the fatal lady was popular among women. This trend was set, of course, by Hollywood stars. Suffice it to recall the style icons of that time: Marlene Dietrich, Vivien Leigh, Ingrid Bergman and others. The effect of a vamp woman was achieved by winding the strands. Hair rollers were created on the head – a kind of symbol of that era.

Another important point is the symmetry in the hairstyle.

Another characteristic feature of hairstyles of that time was symmetry. The hair was separated by a perfectly even parting, preferably in the middle. The classic smooth bun was also very popular.

Another feature was the open forehead. The bangs were removed, stabbed, masked with strands. No negligence was allowed. The hairstyle should be very neat and clear. Hair was styled in curls and curls.

In the women's hairstyle in the 40s, no negligence was allowed

Hair coloring in bright colors was out of fashion. Rules ball natural color.

So, the main features of the hairstyles of the 40s were:

  • Symmetry.
  • Laying with rollers and curls.
  • Rigidity and impeccability.
  • Open forehead.
  • Natural hair color.
  • The hair net was very popular, which both decorated and fixed the hairstyle.

Well, now let’s see how it was embodied on hair of different lengths.

Women’s hairstyles of the 40s for short hair

Short hair in the 40s of the last century was very popular. But they were necessarily laid in small curls. This was achieved by twisting on curlers. The diameter of the curl should not exceed 2 centimeters, otherwise the curl simply did not hold.

Short hair in the 40s and before was always styled in waves

Women usually twisted their hair on curlers in the evening. For better fixation, wet hair was twisted on the curlers. In the morning, the curlers were removed and the hair was carefully combed, trying not to damage the curls. Variety in the image could be made by changing the diameter and direction of the curls, as well as their location.

Women’s hairstyles in the style of the 40s for medium hair length

For medium hair, the choice of hairstyles was more diverse. They were laid in large curls, with a parting either in the middle or on the side. An obligatory element was a fleece – to increase the volume. The front strands were combed and the top went up, opening the forehead, they were laid with a roller or waves.

40s pin-up hairstyle for medium hair

Bangs were not popular with stylists. Curls were created at the back of the head. Hair was wound on curlers, then divided into strands with a comb, each curl was combed. The lining was fixed with varnish.

Medium hair could already be pulled back into a tight bun at the back of the head, a trend that has endured for decades. The aforementioned mesh is a very fashionable accessory and fixed the hair and hid the imperfections of the hairstyle.

She could be decorated with beads or other decor, she could not have any decorations. The mesh covered either the entire head, or fixed the curls only at the back of the head, and was not visible from the front. Women often made a net with their own hands: they knitted, wove.

Hairstyles for women in the style of the 40s for long hair

Owners of luxurious long hair preferred not to hide them. However, curls and rolls were required, as well as parting. At the same time, the curls looked inward. The bangs are still in disgrace. Most often it was hidden under a roller. In the extreme case, it was one with the total length of the hair and was styled in curls or curls.

This is what a woman's hairstyle could look like in the 40s on long hair

The most popular hairstyle of the time was Victory Rolls. It consisted of rollers located on both sides of the parting. A straight parting divided the hair into perfectly even strands.

From the upper strands, rollers were formed, which were fixed with hairpins. Another roller could be located in the center, between the two side ones. It was formed from bangs and also secured with hairpins.

Retro hairstyles for long hair

At the back of the head, the hair was either collected in the same roller, or twisted into tight curls and left loose. Of course, this hairstyle is suitable only for medium and long hair.

Pin-up style in the external image of a woman in the 40s of the last century

The main features of the style of the 40s, which was called pin-up, are heightened sensuality and femininity, cheerfulness and sexuality. In addition to the mesh, a frequent accessory was a scarf tied around the head with the tips up and contrasting with the main outfit.

A recognizable pin-up style accessory - a scarf with ties at the top

The most prominent representative of the pin-up trend was Marilyn Monroe. Her replicated image gave rise to many imitators.

Let us once again note the characteristic features of hairstyles of the 40s.

  1. The hair is not straight, but certainly twisted into curls.
  2. Curls are combined with waves and rolls for an extravagant look.
  3. A hairnet or a scarf tied around the head are very popular and recognizable accessories.
  4. If the hair on the back of the head or crown is loose, then it must be curled. It can be textured curls or light waves.
  5. Hair collected in a ponytail or in a bun is also a recognizable type of that time.
  6. Any negligence, disheveled hairstyle is strictly not allowed. Each hair lies in its place, the styling is thought out to the smallest detail.
Women's hairstyles in the style of the 40s of the last century

Of course, such a hairstyle requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. Today, beauty salons have tools and accessories that can simplify the creation of hairstyles and reduce time. But you need to remember the following: a pin-up hairstyle is not suitable for everyone and not for every day.

Who will suit the pin-up hairstyle of the 40s

For everyday wear, it is not practical, because it does not last long. But at any party, photo shoot or corporate party, you will make an indelible impression with this hairstyle.

Bright makeup is a must-have addition to the hairstyle of the 40s

Don’t leave your hair alone. It requires the rest of the image to match. Here you need bright makeup, fluffy fluttering skirts (remember the famous shot with Marilyn Monroe from the movie “The Call of the Seventh Heaven”), high heels. Hair color should be natural, but saturated. Bleach is not allowed.

A modern pin-up might look like this

This styling can be done at any length. Even a boyish haircut, she will give a perky flirtatious look. It suits girls and women of any build, resolute, energetic, flirtatious.

Bright makeup, bright manicure, bright outfit.  The motto of style is extravagance

Ladies over 40 should be careful about creating such an image. In this case, it is unlikely to rejuvenate, but on the contrary, it is able to emphasize age.

How to make a women’s retro hairstyle in the style of the 40s with your own hands

Despite the seeming intricacy, pin-up hairstyles can be done independently.

The front curl in a hairstyle in the style of the 40s cannot be covered with a scarf


  1. Apply mousse or foam to the hair and distribute along the entire length with a comb.
  2. Fix a wide strand directly above your forehead with a hairpin.
  3. Curl the remaining hair in large curls on a curling iron or thermal curlers. Do not leave straight strands, all hair should …

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