Hair rolls are still popular

Women’s hairstyles of the 50s of the last century (with stylish photo examples)

Fashion for elegance and femininity never gets old. This explains the revival of interest in retro hairstyles. The defining factors of the female image of the 50s were style and grace. Therefore, today they inspire fashionistas who want to become prom queens.

Hair rolls are still popular

Characteristic features of women’s hairstyles of the 50s

Women’s hairstyles of the middle of the last century have several characteristic features by which they can always be identified:

  • An indispensable bouffant.
  • Large soft curls.
  • Complex high styling.
  • Wrapped away from the face and fixed bangs.
  • Decoration with ribbons, scarves, mini-hats, veils.
The fashion of the 50s suggested bright makeup

Hairstyles in the style of the 50s are perfect for evening outings, dates, going to the theater. You can be sure that you will make a lasting impression with your bright and memorable image. And you can create it on hair of any length.

Women’s hairstyles of the 50s for long hair

In the 50s, long hair was in favor, because it allowed for a truly luxurious styling. The permanent comes into fashion, the hair was twisted into large curlers, then the curls climbed back, leaving the hair smooth over the forehead.

50s hairstyles for women with long hair

The hair rollers that came from the 40s have not gone away, they are still popular. Hairstyles were given volume by hypertrophied bouffants.

50s ponytail hairstyle

In addition, were very popular:

  • Ponytail, fastened high at the back of the head. The ends of the hair are curled into large curls, hanging freely.
  • If their own hair lacked length and volume, they often used chignons and false hair.
  • The bangs no longer have to be hidden, but they must be thick and lush and cover half of the head.
  • Large curls are carefully laid, accompanied by a roller at the crown. This hairstyle is called “poodle”.
A very fashionable accessory in the style of the 50s - a veil that covers half the face

The veil at the top of the face was very popular. And in the image of brides, it was a must-have accessory.

50s hairstyles for medium length hair

For medium length hair, you also need a comb. The ends of the hair must be curled. Hairstyles for medium length hair made it possible to open the neck, which made the female image more fragile. Asymmetrical parting, bob haircut to the chin with curled curls on the sides of the face.

Spectacular hats often accompanied the image

Bangs are already allowed, as already mentioned, lush, can cover half of the forehead. The hair at the back of the head is twisted into rollers, the strands are fastened with hairpins. Medium length hair can also be tied into a bun.

On medium length hair, they tried to create a hairstyle like Marilyn Monroe. In general, the 50s were the heyday of Hollywood. Film stars Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly dictated fashion.

Pin-up hairstyle for medium hair

The scarf is still popular. It was twisted into a bundle, tied around the head, the ends were brought up. At the same time, the ends of the scarf must stick out, this gave the image playfulness.

Lush strands and luxurious curls

Women’s hairstyles in the style of the 50s for short hair

Short hair was styled in large waves, combed back and smoothed at the temples.

A garcon-style boy haircut came into fashion just then, in the 50s.

An ultra-short boy haircut that opens up the face and neck is already in vogue. The hair is smooth, combed forward and decorated with an elegant rim. Another option is lush strands around the head in the style of Gina Lollobrigida. It was at this time that the pixie haircut came into fashion, which is still popular today.

Short hair should be lush too

The 50s of the last century – it was the time of total blonding. Everything was illuminated. Even burning brunettes aspired to turn into blondes. These are the general trends of fashionable hairstyles of the 50s.

The most popular women’s hairstyles of the 50s

To make the conversation more substantive, let’s now consider the images that inspired the fashionistas of that time.

1. The simplest hairstyle from that time – ponytail. The hair was fastened high at the back of the head, and the free ends were twisted, creating spectacular curls. Chignons were used to give more splendor to the hair. The elegance of the hairstyle was given with the help of flowers and ribbons.

Women's hairstyle Ponytail a la 50s

2. Babette – suggests a bouffant on the top of the head. The hair is either gathered at the top or descended in curls. An indispensable attribute is a lush bouffant with a ribbon in the hair.


The model of style is Brigitte Bordeaux, and the hairstyle became popular after the release of the movie “Babetta Goes to War”. A high bouffant could hide a bagel made of foam rubber or a roller under it.

Wedding hairstyle

This hairstyle can be done on hair of any length, decorated with headbands, ribbons, a beautiful hairpin – and a stylish look for a special occasion is ready. However, due to the strong pile, it is not suitable for daily hairstyles: you can damage the hair structure.

3. Rock and roll – a hairstyle in this style suggests an open forehead, smooth hair combed back or a spectacular cook above the forehead. You will not go unnoticed.

50s rock and roll hairstyle

The same cook

4. If the haircut is a pixie. It has not gone out of fashion for decades. The reason is versatility. It is suitable for both wavy and straight hair.

Women's pixie haircut

Short hair is easy to style and does not require serious manipulation to create an elegant look. This haircut is suitable for everyday look.

5. Stilyagi – here again we need a bouffant, without it – nowhere. The appearance of the style is associated with the fashion for rock and roll. The idol of that time, Elvis Presley, made the cook popular. The hair on the crown rose up, and the side strands were combed back.

Stilyagi 50s

Stilyagi is not a separate hairstyle, but a whole direction of young people striving to stand out from the crowd. In addition to combing the cook “a la Elvis Presley”, curls like Marilyn Monroe, high hairpieces decorated with bright ribbons, as well as recognizable images from the 40s – “Victory Rolls”, clear strands, lush curls were popular. And a bright scarf in her hair.

A specially tied scarf was an almost obligatory attribute of the 50s of the last century.

If the image of the 50s required a bouffant, then let’s say a few words about it. Since there was a magnificent design on the head in fashion, even respectable ladies combed their hair. When the volume of their own hair was not enough, they resorted to all sorts of tricks, and these were not only hairpieces.

Elegant hairpins in the 50s gave women's hairstyles a special charm.

Foam rollers and even stockings were hidden in hairstyles. It was all fixed with hairpins, varnish and went with such a hairstyle for several weeks, not even taking it apart at night. Of course, the hair thinned and deteriorated from such stress, but what can not be done for the sake of fashion and time-honored ideas about beauty!

Stylish girls of the 50s

All hairstyles of the 50s, with a few exceptions, are only suitable for special occasions and will be completely out of place at work or school.

Step by Step Guide to Women’s 50s Hairstyles

Further, inspired by retro images, we will try to put them into practice.

Stylish retro styling on short hair a la 50s

Let’s start with short hair.

  1. Hair must be washed.
  2. Apply styling mousse to damp hair.
  3. Screw on large curlers.
  4. Dry your hair.
  5. Remove the curlers and lightly fluff the curls with your hands. Do not use a comb
  6. In the area of ​​​​the bangs, form a characteristic strand.
  7. Fix with varnish.
A ribbon or scarf in women's hair is an almost mandatory attribute of the 50s.

You spent quite a bit of time and created a spectacular image. You can add spice by tying a bright ribbon or attaching a spectacular hat.

Neatly styled hair, bright makeup and bright jewelry are a sign of the times.

On medium hair, you can create a hairstyle in the rhythm of rock and roll.

  1. Wash your head.
  2. Slightly…

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