Gafre's hairstyle along the entire length of the hair

Women’s hairstyles of the 80s: all the best at once (with photo examples)

Why is the generation of the 80s considered sassy, ​​confident and incredibly sexy? Remember the hairstyles of that time, they do not have a hint of romance, mystery and innocence. In almost all options, there is a rebellion, a rejection of elegance. But this is how it looks today, and at that time the girls felt incredibly feminine with a haircut mullet or she-wolf.

Gafre's hairstyle along the entire length of the hair

Kort with different hair color

Curly curls and accessories

Maximum volume along the entire length of the hair and bangs - a visiting card of hairstyles of the 80s

Popular haircuts and hairstyles of the 80s

  1. Iroquois

The punk subculture has left its mark on hair fashion. But in a softer version, the Mohawk looked different, not so aggressive and bold. The hair on the sides was not shaved, but cut short.

Iroquois hairstyle with short cut hair on the sides

The remaining long curls in the middle were either curled or lifted straight with the help of fleece and varnish. It was even permissible to leave long strands of hair behind.

Straight mohawk on short hair 80s

Those who did not want to cut their hair short, but the desire to feel like a punk and try a mohawk hairstyle prevailed, they pulled their hair back on the sides with the usual tight weaves.

Mohawk with curls and bangs, 80s

The desired image was achieved, and, conveniently, it could be changed at any time.

Mohawk hairstyle with curls, 80s

Iroquois was made not only by representatives of the subculture. With such a hairstyle, one could often meet eminent movie stars on the red carpet. Iroquois with different color transitions was especially popular. The brighter the contrast, the more interesting the haircut looked.

Iroquois hairstyle without shaving and cutting hair

  1. Mallet

Often the fashion for a hairstyle is determined by idols. The 80s are no exception. The mullet hairstyle was worn by almost all rock musicians. She was incredibly popular with both men and women.

80s medium hair mullet

Mallet on blond hair, 80s

In mallet, the crown is cut very short, and the strands at the back, on the contrary, should be long, at least covering the neck. The hair at the crown was combed or curled. The larger the hat, the cooler the hairstyle looked.

Hairstyle Mallet with a voluminous hat, 80s

Fashionable and unique, the mallet hairstyle periodically reminds of itself, appearing in trendy stylistic directions in some variation. Daring in itself, she brings confidence to the image. Stylists love such haircuts that can turn the inner world upside down, the history of which is a whole era.

Hairstyle mullet with curls and high back

  1. Olympia

A sporty haircut, got its loud name in honor of the 1980 Olympic Games. The short cap haircut was easy to style and wear with any look. Comfortable, not requiring fixation, it was incredibly popular.

80s Curl Olympia Haircut

  1. Aurora

Haircut like a cascade, only with a pronounced difference in the length of the strands. In the area of ​​​​the crown, they were as short as possible, sometimes even cut off to a “hedgehog”. The face, on the contrary, is longer, with less sharp transitions.

Aurora hairstyle for medium length hair with voluminous styling, 80s

From the front, the Aurora haircut looked feminine and neat, while a certain hysteria was visible from the back.

Aurora hairstyle with side bangs in the style of the 80s

Usually the haircut was done on medium length hair. It is convenient because you can always collect the same ponytail if necessary. The downside, growing out the hairstyle quickly lost its charm.

Aurora haircut for medium length hair

  1. Court

A great opportunity to show off your long, graceful neck is a court hairstyle. Women of the 80s did not miss this opportunity.

Kort high bouffant with 80s curl

The styling principle is reminiscent of a mohawk, only in the court the back of the head is either shaved or cut very short.

Court haircut with bangs in the style of the 80s

The remaining curls were usually curled and combed. It turned out to be a pretty impressive hat.

Haircut Kort with a high pile, 80s

  1. Breeze

Milled strands, laid in different directions, disheveled and sloppy, as if their owner had just ridden on a carousel.

1980s bouffant and curled updos

Curls were fastened with the help of invisibility or hairpins, bright and noticeable, which gave the hairstyle even more extravagance.

Corrugated strands in different directions

  1. Gavroche

Playing on the length – long hair on the back of the head, a little shorter on the sides, and the shortest in front, almost like a “hedgehog” or a small bang.

Haircut Gavroche with oblique bangs in the style of the 80s

Thinning in gavroche is a must. It gives lightness to the tips, which allows you to create volume at the root zone.

Hairstyle Gavroche with tousled strands

Volumetric haircut Gavroche

  1. Cascade

Haircut cascade has many variations. In the classic version, this is an alternation of strands of different lengths evenly throughout the entire volume of hair.

Classic 80s Cascade

The haircut is incredibly convenient because it suits any type of face. Due to the different lengths, the hairstyle always looks voluminous.

Cascade with side laying

Strands neatly frame the oval of the face, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the flaws.

Haircut Cascade with sharp tips

Features of women’s haircuts and hairstyles of the 80s

Curl straight, straighten curly – the principle of creating the image of all the girls of that era. The women of the 80s did not compromise. If the hairstyle is with curls, then beautiful and voluminous along the entire length. At that time, they were made exclusively on curlers and were fixed either with varnish or with a long-term perm.

Curly puffy hair with bangs, 80s

If bouffant, then extremely lush, with randomly arranged strands. Carelessly, carelessly, so as to give the impression that there was no styling. If bangs, then strict, graphic, with pronounced clear lines.

Strong bouffant and perm on long hair, 80s

In the 80s, they liked to highlight individual strands, so that they were knocked out like a stake from the total mass of hair. This style is especially characteristic of the she-wolf hairstyle. And, of course, accessories to match the time and fashion trends in the beauty industry.

80's voluminous back styling

Volumetric bows, bright hairpins, headbands with rhinestones – for 10 years, all fashion shows have been similar to each other in the stylistic design of hair.

1980s ponytail crimped hair

Popular hair color in the 80s

The first to bring highlighting and creative coloring to the masses were stars such as Madonna and Cindy Crawford. The example of idols was followed by all the girls of the 80s. The images did not stay for long, 2-3 months and a new color, a new experiment.

Volumetric styling in the style of the 80s

That’s who really was not afraid of cardinal changes in appearance. Highlighting reaches a new level and becomes a kind of pass to the world of stylish and successful. Highlighting color – the brighter, the better. A special category in the color scheme of the 80s is blond.

Against the backdrop of a craze for bright coloring, pure blond confidently holds positions. The fashion for blond hair was introduced by Princess Diana, who always appeared in public with perfectly styled blonde hair. Even girls with dark hair by nature aspired to the blond. Despite the stages of lightening and not always an unambiguous result, women went for it without a single thought of doubt.

Trying on images of the 80s: choosing a women’s hairstyle and haircut of those years

Catchy and bright images of the 80s, of course, attract attention. And today, many stylists “peep” into the haircuts and hairstyles of that time.

Permed hair and bouffant in the style of the 80s

But you should understand that not everyone can afford to try on the image of the 80s for a number of reasons:

  • age restrictions. Of course, age is what we have in our souls. And if at 50 you want pink highlights, no one dares to forbid. But adhering to the stereotypical view, extravagant manifestations in hairstyles are more suitable for women under 35;
  • face shape – voluminous bouffants and perms open the face as much as possible, hair length is usually medium, so ideally they are suitable for owners of a rectangular or round face shape with regular features. Long curls when curling will turn out only on long hair, which can boast of …

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