High ponytails and bright accessories from the 90s

Women’s hairstyles of the 90s: difficult to repeat, impossible to forget

The dashing 90s were remembered by everyone for their eccentricity, daring morals and extravagant images. Especially women’s hairstyles and haircuts, which were incredibly durable due to the most reliable fixation with a large amount of varnish and height, due to a confident and persistent pile.

High ponytails and bright accessories from the 90s

High bouffant in the style of the 90s

The most popular women’s hairstyles of the 90s

  1. Windproof bangs

The bangs got their name quite deservedly. The way of laying and the reliability of fixation could well protect from a slight wind.

90s style high bangs with bouffant

Especially this style was loved by young girls. In combination with bright leggings and makeup, the bangs did not look so defiant.

Fashionable women's bangs of the 90s

To make a windproof bang, the strands on the forehead were combed heavily at the roots, laid on their side and sprayed with varnish. There was no goal to create a natural hairstyle, so fixatives were used in large quantities. They could well have been replaced by some water with sugar, which kept the styling just as good.

Hairstyles with high bangs in the style of the 90s

An interesting fact, but in the 90s such bangs attracted the attention of men no less than a miniskirt. And the higher the building, the more attractive the girl.

  1. Simply Maria

Famous in the 90s, the series naturally made its own adjustments to the fashion for hairstyles. The bangs in this style were divided into two parts – the upper part fit on the sides, and the lower part on the forehead. A convenient option for young girls to hide teenage skin imperfections.

Women's hairstyle with bangs in the style of

But such a bang was not given to everyone. She required a lot of time to lay, as the lower part had to look like a neat “curtain”, slightly twisted inward. And naturally fixation with varnish, but not as plentiful as in the case of a windproof hairstyle.

Women's bangs in the style of the 90s

  1. Perm

This hairstyle was experienced by all the fair sex of the era of the 90s. A single fashion standard that did not divide women into the head of the factory shop and the cleaner of the same shop.

Perm hair in the style of the 90s

Khimka differed only in the size of the curls. For some, it was small curls, reminiscent of Afro-curls, only combed and fluffy. And someone preferred large wavy curls.

Perm and bouffant hair in the style of the 90s

Naturally, the opportunity to make a perm for a long time, until the hair grows back, was very captivating. No one was embarrassed by the harmful effects of the composition. This is where beauty really required sacrifice.

90s high bouffant hairstyle for women

The trend of the time was a chemise, fluffy, lifted if necessary and a little combed with a smooth curtain bangs. The curl was made to any length.

Perm for long hair

Older ladies solved the problem with their hair for a long time, and younger women with long hair enjoyed persistent curls for a month or more.

Perm for medium length hair

Perm allows you to achieve beautiful curls of any size. But if now it is customary to separate the curls with your hands, without using a comb, so as not to violate the integrity and beauty of the strands, then in the 90s they were simply combed. As a result, a fluffy shock of hair on the head with weakly traced waves.

Perm for short hair in the style of the 90s

  1. Bouffant

Bigger, taller, stronger – it was this motto that most likely led the ladies of the 90s when creating bouffant hairstyles. It was made to any length, and it doesn’t matter at all that such a hairstyle did not look quite logical for short hair, if you want to look stylish, adjust to the trends.

Women's hairstyle with voluminous bouffant in the style of the 90s

Bouffant has become a real salvation for women who, due to the condition and health of their hair, could not afford a perm. Or during breaks, when the hair was resting from chemistry, no one was going to get used to smooth “sleek” hairstyles.

Bouffant and perm in one hairstyle, 90s

The bouffant, made with special zeal, was securely fixed with varnish. With such a hairstyle, a woman could walk for several days, which had little effect on the appearance of the created image on her head.

High top bouffant in the style of the 90s

Most often, it was possible to remove the bouffant only by washing the hair. Otherwise, they were simply not combed.

Curling and light bouffant

Bouffant and perm could exist as separate types of hairstyles, or together. And when two extravagant styling methods met, incredible masterpieces were obtained. In order to somehow streamline the result, satin ribbons, wide bright-colored rims, elastic bands, and invisible ones were used.

Bouffant in the creation of hair styling in the style of the 90s

  1. Tails

A high tail, not just on the back of the head, but almost at the bangs, was especially popular. The comfortable, sporty style was reinforced by the accessories of the time. The higher the tail, the cooler the girl was considered.

90s high ponytail

Such a tail looked spectacular only on long thick hair, while the rest had to get out to match the fashion. Therefore, the same bouffant was used to make the tail seem more voluminous and a few elastic bands to make it look taller.

90s ponytail hairstyle

The design of the bangs in this hairstyle did not play a special role – high or with a curtain, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to match the fashion trends. The bangs were also treated simply. She could be cut right at home, on her own from a common mop of hair. The resulting imperfections were invisible behind the fleece and tons of varnish.

Women's hairstyle with a high ponytail with an elastic band

Surprisingly, the high ponytail quickly moved from the category of “sporty hairstyle” to ubiquitous. Business women were happy to go to work with a similar “tower” on their heads. At the disco, you could meet girls with a high tail and in a dress. In any case, this hairstyle is more humane in relation to hair than a perm.

90s style high ponytail with bouffant and gafre

  1. business style

The standard of the business style of the 90s was Lady Diana and her simple, but not without elegance hairstyle. It is worth noting that such styling is now in demand in certain circles.

Voluminous women's hairstyle of the 90s

  1. colored strands

As you know, demand creates supply, and following the fashion trend for colored curls, mascara appeared. The colors were very different – from close to natural tones to acidic, bright, from which it simply stings the eyes.

Green strands in a women's hairstyle from the 90s

The girls of the 90s are definitely not ingenious. If it was not possible to buy mascara, ordinary brilliant green, crayons, felt-tip pens were used. In an effort to break into the trend, nothing stopped, even the not always predictable result.

  1. sophist twist

The simplest accessory with which you could make an elegant French shell in a matter of minutes. Unsurprisingly, sales skyrocketed after the first issue of Sophist Twist Couch Store.

Women's hairstyles of the 90s with a sophist twist

A special chic in the design of the hairstyle was strands released along the face, you can twist it a little. A very elegant hairstyle without an incredible amount of varnish and bouffant, which gave the image of femininity.

women's hairstyle Shell with a sophist-twist from the 90s

  1. Bandages on the head

The first releases of the aerobics program caused a storm of emotions and found many followers, at least in the form of girls. Headbands have become not just a sporting attribute, but an everyday hair accessory.

Women's hairstyles with a headband from the 90s

Importantly, after the bandage, a mountain of combed and laced hair with straight hanging curls necessarily began. The higher the volume, the more spectacular the styling looked. Bandages, as is typical of the 90s, were bright in color, almost acidic.

Headbands for women's hairstyles, 90s


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