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Women’s jacket for summer 2018: new photo

Women’s jacket: photo news 2018

Initially, the jacket was an element of the men’s wardrobe. But how could women not borrow such a beautiful piece of clothing from men! Now almost every girl has at least one in her closet. With it, you can create both a business and a modern fashionable look for every day.

If earlier there were exclusively classic models that were suitable only for serious work, now there is a huge mass of different variations for every taste and color. Combining it with various things, you can choose an outfit for almost all occasions. And with what to wear a women’s jacket, our article will tell you!

What can you wear a women’s jacket with? (a photo)

In 2018, jackets can be worn with a skirt, and with a dress, and with the usual trousers. This season gives us a complete flight of fancy. A variety of colors are in trend, but stripes and checks remain the most fashionable. Designers promise us that by choosing such a thing, we will undoubtedly turn out to be very stylish.



  1. Black jacket, blue denim shirt, leather leggings, black leather ankle boots and a red printed scarf! Very bold!
  2. Black and white graphic blazer, white crew-neck t-shirt and black skinny jeans. If you still put on black sandals with heels, then your image will be completed.


3. Washed blue skinny jeans, a white blouse, black oxfords and a big bag will make you unique!
4. Want to look stylish like Angelina Jolly? Take black stilettos, skinny pants with a patent leather belt, a translucent blouse and make a low ponytail!


5. Ripped-knee jeans, a leopard bag, a white t-shirt and simple flats – street style.
6. A hat, stilettos and skinny pants with a white maxi is just a unique look.


It is allowed to combine different prints and patterns in one image. If, according to all the rules of style, this is unacceptable, then fashion does not care about this fact at all. She dictates what she wants. No wonder this year jackets are worn with everything: with skirts and jeans. If you are not afraid of bold experiments, then follow us! The most interesting is ahead!

7. Snakeskin pants, stilettos, white tank top and bun on the head.
8. Date look – pumps, dark skinny jeans and a shiny jacket.


9. A chic look for both the office and romantic walks: a printed jacket, a gray T-shirt, a large necklace, turn-up jeans and stilettos.
10. Sandra Bullock chooses high leather boots and jeans, a striped T-shirt and an elegant scarf. Agree, she looks amazing!

11. Flared trousers in a cage, a pink flashy clutch and a white blouse will suit you if you have a business meeting.
12. A white silk tank is perfect for skinny jeans and stiletto sandals.

Luki-3It’s easier to ask what you can’t wear it with. Because absolutely everything is possible! Agree, it is very convenient to wear shorts, but at the same time remain elegant.

How to choose a jacket according to your figure?

The main thing when choosing this wardrobe item is to take into account your type of figure. If, for example, you have a thin, graceful waist, then you should choose an elongated, narrowed model and a low waist.

novelties-1 novelties

If a girl has large and lush breasts, then there are models that perfectly focus on this. For this, there are tight-fitting models that highlight all the advantages of such a figure.



If the girl is small and fragile, then you need to choose either with patterns on the chest, or wide and a bit like a man’s.


The sleeve, no matter what figure you have, should end at the wrist! Unless it’s a three-quarter sleeve.

novelties-5 novelties-4

What to wear with a white jacket?

White jackets are very romantic, even if they are dressed with formal trousers. They give the image of lightness and elegance. They go well with white trousers or light-colored jeans.

all-in-white-2 all in white 1

Also, they are very stylish with black trousers or a skirt and dark jeans. The main thing is that the shoes are high-heeled – this will add more charm. And choose them to match the trousers.

white-jacket-3 white-jacket-2 white-jacket-1 white jacket

What color to combine with what?

1. Blue jacket – perfect for going to a cafe, walking by the sea or in the park. It will also look appropriate at school or university – it sits well on a white blouse or shirt. Also, it is suitable for office work.

blue jacket

2. Red jacket – with a fluffy skirt or pencil skirt. And, of course, with a blouse. You can try it with black or blue denim shorts, or with a casual dress. It is important here that the belt or match the color of the red jacket itself. Don’t overdo it with color! No need to choose a red bag, and red lipstick, and the same accessories.


3. Black shade is perhaps a classic. This summer, it is fashionable to wear this piece of clothing with jeans or light-colored trousers. If you wear a black product every day, then you can dilute the image by rolling up the sleeves a little. It pairs well with both plaid and lined clothing (which are so popular right now, remember?).

black-jacket-3 black-jacket-2 black-jacket-1Or – a combination with a tight skirt and a white blouse. The photos below show the fresh and stylish bows themselves with a black jacket and jacket.

black jacket

4. Orange color. It is most suitable for summer or spring. Pair it with a white blouse, light skinny jeans and a dark or black bag. Put on stilettos or shoes with stable heels on your feet.

orange-jacket-1 orange jacket

If it is very hot outside, then denim shorts, golden sandals or sandals, and a T-shirt instead of a blouse will do.

Women’s sleeveless jacket

Why do many girls choose this particular style? Because due to its straight lines, it noticeably lengthens the figure, stretches it. It looks very stylish.

Pair it with navy blue shorts, a sheer tank top, sunglasses and pretty gold jewelry. Or put on a stylish black jumpsuit and take a matching bag.


They look beautiful with pink trousers, a dark green bag and matching shoes. And don’t forget the white shirt!
Another option is a white jacket and a white T-shirt with boyfriend jeans. And heeled sandals!


It is very good that this year fashion designers have created for us a variety of styles in different colors. Now everyone can be individual!
If the weather is warm, then you can throw it over your shoulders, and put on a crop top or T-shirt underneath.



What to wear with an elongated sleeveless vest? (a photo)

There are plenty of options for how to wear it. You can pair it in blue with a striped shirt, boyfriend jeans and sneakers. If you chose the yellow color of the jacket, then feel free to wear all white under the bottom!


Denim shorts, high heels, a black bag and a white t-shirt are the key to success this summer!

If you don’t like denim shorts, feel free to take leather ones! With a gray jacket and white sandals, it looks just gorgeous!


Long women’s jacket

It fits almost all all clothes. Looks great with wedge heels and floral shorts. Bag…

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