Модные женские брюки 2019

Women’s trousers from the 2021 collections: an overview of trends

Fashionable women’s trousers: trends in 2019

The main element of women’s clothing is trousers. They began to come into fashion only in the 19th century, and now no wardrobe can be imagined without this item. Every year, new trends appear regarding fashionable styles, fabrics and colors of trousers, which almost all women try to follow. So in 2019, designers and stylists recommend sticking to specific fashion trends.

Types of women’s trousers

Fashionable types of trousers

There are many models of women’s trousers. They differ in cut, color, prints and decor. The classic trousers of a strict style remain the most popular. Along with them, designers have created other interesting variations of women’s trousers:

  • Afghani;
  • riding breeches;
  • Pipes;
  • Capri;
  • Cargo;
  • Slacks;
  • Chinos;
  • Trousers.

Pants are straight, flared, tapered, high-waisted or low-waisted. The length is distinguished by maxi, such as palazzo, regular length and shortened. The belts themselves also differ: wide, thin, with elastic.

The choice of trousers directly depends on the type of figure, but you should also pay attention to stylish trends that will help you choose clothes in accordance with fashion.

The most fashionable models for 2019

Fashion trousers

The most fashionable models of the 2021 season are trousers with a loose fit. However, narrower options are also in trend. Among the most popular and stylish styles of trousers are:

  • Palazzo;
  • culottes;
  • flared;
  • High waist;
  • shortened;
  • Banana pants.

Leather products are also in trend, regardless of style. However, it should be borne in mind that fashionable leather trousers will suit only slender girls. Along with this, the choice of model and fabrics of trousers directly depends on the season.


Red palazzos

The palazzo model is represented by straight women’s floor-length trousers. Their distinctive feature is in the loose fit, thanks to which the trousers literally develop as you walk, allowing you to create a light and airy look.

Stylish women’s palazzo pants can be combined with various items of clothing: sweaters, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses. Depending on the fabric used for tailoring, these trousers can be worn at any time of the year, but they are most relevant in the spring-summer season.

Gray palazzo trousers

Pink palazzos

This model is mostly monochromatic, but the designer women’s palazzo trousers suggest an unusual ornament. It can be geometry (squares, circles, triangles), floral prints or images of the basics of pop culture.

Geometric print palazzo

Palazzo with geometry

Palazzo with floral pattern

Palazzo with leopard print

The palazzo style goes well with a long coat and cardigan. You can also choose any shoes for trousers: high heels, low heels, platform or soles, open or closed.

Bright palazzo

These pants are extremely comfortable, but not for every girl. Palazzos are recommended for tall and slender girls, as they visually reduce the already low growth, and extra pounds are released.



Culottes are very similar to the palazzo model and, at the same time, to the skirt. Culottes are even looser than the palazzo, and an order of magnitude shorter – their length barely reaches the ankles. This model will perfectly hide a couple of extra pounds, but will not suit short girls.

Culottes are the perfect summer trousers for women. They go well with short tops, light blouses and T-shirts.

Blue culottes

Wide women’s culottes are also suitable for the autumn period. In combination with a sweater, jacket, cardigan or jacket, they look quite sophisticated, which allows you to create absolutely any look to your taste.

Gray culottes with jacket

Culottes with a coat

Culottes are sewn from various materials, including leather. These trousers will help create a bold and strict image at the same time, which will definitely not leave anyone indifferent and will be remembered by others for a long time.

Leather culottes

You can choose any shoes for culottes, but they must match the invented image. You should not wear sandals under trousers made of warm fabric, but a combination of light materials with sneakers, sneakers, sneakers is allowed.

Flared trousers

Pink Flare Pants

Flare pants are another fashion trend in 2021. The length of these trousers can be any: from maxi (on the floor) to midi (mid-calf). Their distinctive feature is the expansion of the fabric, which starts from the knee. Long, flared pants are perfect for cold seasons, while midi pants are perfect for spring and summer.

Cropped flared trousers

Long flared trousers

Blue flared trousers

Flared trousers can be with a lowered or high waist, with the second type being more fashionable and stylish. These models go well with shirts and blouses tucked into the belt. Oversized clothing also looks interesting with flared styles.

Flared trousers with a shirt

Flared trousers

From shoes, ballet flats, sneakers, moccasins, shoes with steady heels or stilettos are well suited. Among the advantages of the flared style is its versatility. These pants fit well on girls of any build.

high waisted

High waist trousers

Pants with a high waist are also in fashion. They will suit any type of figure and perfectly hide its flaws. This style will emphasize the waist, help to highlight the bust and visually lengthen the legs. High-waisted jeans are considered especially fashionable, but in the 2021 season, trousers of this model are also relevant.

You can create a beautiful and unforgettable look simply by adding a neat belt to the trousers. And if you wear an elegant blouse made of the same material in addition to silk trousers with a high waist and a belt, you can achieve a very effective and stylish look for work.

High rise trousers

Striped trousers with belt

Another trendy decor for high-waisted trousers is buttons. The trend is large buttons located at the edges of the pockets. With the help of these trousers, you can very successfully embody a retro style, which is also very fashionable.

Trousers in retro style

The high waist is relevant in any style of trousers and with any material. For lovers of bright and catchy styles, leather trousers are suitable. Moreover, depending on the chosen top, you can create both a classic and a daring look.

Leather pants and sporty style

High waist leather trousers

Marsala look

High-waisted trousers go well with any shoes. They are also perfect for any season. In winter, they look good with sweatshirts, warm sweaters, cardigans and oversized clothes, and in summer they can be tucked into T-shirts, blouses or combined with crop tops.


Cropped trousers

Choosing cropped trousers in the 2021 fashion season, you definitely can’t go wrong. This trend quickly took a leading position along with the palazzo and culottes. Cropped trousers can be of various styles: skinny, loose, with arrows, with a flare.

Tight cropped trousers are predominantly made of dense fabrics. Especially fashionable are leather. They can be high or low waisted and go well with both sporty and classic styles. Leather cropped trousers are suitable for the spring and summer season.

Cropped leather trousers

In winter, only the most faithful fashionistas will give preference to cropped trousers. In this case, stylists recommend choosing high boots for them or, as the current fashion catwalk rules dictate, wearing stylish socks in bright colors or unusual prints under the shoes.

Cropped trousers for autumn

And in autumn…

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