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Yellow sun dress – photo, new items

How to choose a yellow dress and what to wear it with: photo

They meet, as you know, by beautiful clothes, after that you don’t want to see anyone off …
From a fashion point of view, 2018 is a return to the traditions of the seventies and nineties of the last century: boho-chic, oversized T-shirts and rough boots. However, along with this, graceful flying dresses made of natural fabrics burst into the lives of girls and women. Dresses of all shades of yellow stand out especially.

A yellow dress is a bright and at the same time dangerous thing, it can equally distinguish its owner from the crowd or spoil the image, so the choice of such a dress and accessories should be approached very carefully. How to choose and with what to wear a yellow dress?

Fashionable yellow dress – photo 2018

If in a dream you dreamed of such an outfit, do not rush to open the dream book. Many dreams should be interpreted unambiguously, and if you dream of a chic yellow dress, then it’s time to get it in reality!

Consider the features of your character and figure: if you are a sporty, dynamic girl with a boyish character, opt for a lemon-colored sports dress, do not try to force yourself to fit into a sheath dress or a flying dress with flounces. If you are a romantic person, your character will be emphasized by a pale yellow dress with ruffles and lace. In addition, the type of your appearance also matters: brunettes will suit all the bright juicy shades of the sun, the tenderness of blondes will be shaded by lighter tones.

If you are still thinking and don’t know what outfit is right, try using the style of your favorite stars as a guide: singers, actresses, TV presenters. Let’s give some examples.

• Many girls and girls have been sleeping for the past few years and see themselves as the main character of the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Century” Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. Her elegant yellow dress excites the minds of the female television audience throughout the CIS. In fact, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska’s outfit is a classic evening wardrobe, known as a “fish”: a tight-fitting silhouette, satin and an extension of the hem at the ankles. However, as soon as the costume designers of the series added such elements as drapery, puffy flying sleeves in a medieval style and open shoulders to the classic model of an evening dress, the dress acquired individuality and became a real brand. Such a bright attire, like that of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, will suit women whose body type is called “hourglass”: lush breasts and hips and a thin waist. It will perfectly emphasize the dignity of such a feminine figure.


• But the fans of the reality show “Dom-2” will surely remember two other very interesting dresses: like the participant of the show Daria Pynzar and the presenter Ksenia Borodina.
Daria Pynzar, even after the birth of a child, has an ideal figure, so a simple bright yellow sheath dress made of thick fabric fits perfectly on her; the sleeves are made in the form of several rows of rigid flounces, which hold their shape well, the dress is slightly flared in the hip area. In a word, this yellow dress was created for girls with a rectangular figure: flounces on the shoulders give the figure femininity, and the skirt slightly widened from the waist adds extra volume to the hips.

Daria Pynzar

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Ksenia Borodina

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• Very interesting is also the pale yellow dress in which the singer Vera Brezhneva once performed: a simple T-shirt top with loose sleeves and a small round neckline, an asymmetric hem. Vera’s outfit is complemented by a wide black belt and black sandals, giving a touch of elegance to a simple model. This dress is suitable for girls with a type of figure called “apple”: not quite an ideal waist and slender legs. The loose top will hide the imperfections of the waist, and the asymmetric bottom will open and accentuate the long legs.


• Young girls also like the yellow dress that the girl from the Alpen Gold chocolate advertisement is wearing. This cute fitted dress with a length just below the knee will be appropriate in almost any situation: both at an official meeting and on a romantic date.


Short yellow dress

The leader of summer looks this year is not jeans and T-shirts, but a short yellow dress with a frill and bare shoulders. Such a dress should be made of good breathable natural fabric – cotton or linen. A loose short yellow dress with a frill requires a good figure, it will suit slender girls, everyone else in this will look overgrown, having misunderstood the outfit from their younger sisters. This elegant outfit is worn in two variations:

• Without a belt – a version of “baby dollars”, when the dress does not highlight the breasts and does not emphasize the waist and thus creates the style of a young teenage girl, almost a girl;


• With a contrasting fabric or lace belt to accentuate a slim waistline.
A fitted knitted robe just above the knee looks very gentle and elegant. Such a dress cannot be found on sale, but it can be crocheted or knitted from fine cotton yarn to order, and it will be one of a kind.
The Incity brand offers a variety of short yellow dresses for the young and the daring, outfits designed for school, dynamic walks with friends and evening parties.


And much more.

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Long yellow dress to the floor

The star of the catwalks this year prefer a yellow dress to the floor. Here you can already give free rein to your imagination and choose any evening fabric for tailoring, be it silk, satin or chiffon, pick up stilettos to match or contrast and complement the look for going out with an elegant clutch and bright makeup.

A floor-length yellow evening dress will favorably distinguish its owner from a crowd of girls dressed in black or red, and will give the image freshness and audacity.
To give sexuality even to the most modest girl can, it would seem, a modest yellow dress on the floor … with a bare back! It is so beautiful and erotic at the same time, so you will easily become the star of the reception.

From the point of view of the fullness of the wardrobe, a transforming dress is very convenient. It offers many options for creating different models, so that in the same yellow floor-length dress in different situations you will look different.
The collection of long yellow outfits of the Republic brand is very interesting. Dresses vary in models and shades of yellow, so any girl and adult lady can choose her perfect love dress for love and life.

Even retro this season is surprising: Dolce and Gabbana released a bright robe with a very Italian print in the form of lemons, which captivated millions of women around the world. Wealthy ladies buy originals, more economical girls surf the Internet in search of good copies. A floor-length chiffon dress looks expensive and elegant, and a yellow ball gown with a train will give you a lot of compliments and admiring male glances.

A floor-length yellow dress looks very elegant and unusual…

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