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You need to be modern: we study the signs of outdated makeup

You need to be modern: we study the signs of outdated makeup

Today it is not enough to be a nice girl or a well-groomed woman. It is also important to keep up with the times, because not knowing the current fashion trends in hairstyles, clothes and makeup can spoil the image. This is especially true for makeup, as it is designed to decorate the face. And here the phrase “it suits me” does not quite fit, because, first of all, it is important to take into account the parameters of the face and fashion trends, and only then refer to your favorite color or obsession with sparkles.

We offer to deal with the signs of outdated and irrelevant makeup, so as not to be mistaken again and look modern.

Antitrend 1: All trends in one face

How to understand it? Recently, we talked about the main makeup trends for the summer of 2020. There are bright lips and lush eyebrows and smokey. Also, someone may remember neon arrows, active blush, glitter on the face. If you apply all this at once on one face, you will get not the most fashionable makeup, but the exact opposite: bad taste and obvious bust with cosmetics.

Horrible celebrity makeup

Ugly makeup

Unfortunately, such bust can be seen both in life and on the red carpet. Usually the mistake “all the trends in one face” is made by women who rarely wear makeup, but decide to transform for a special occasion, and usually on their own, and not with the help of a professional makeup artist. At such a moment, the sense of proportion is neutralized and it turns out, as in the photo. Do not make such mistakes, focus on one part of the face.

Anti-trend 2: Shadows to match the color of clothes

Shadows to match the color of the dress - irrelevant makeup

There are women who are against any experiments and follow the makeup rules that have long lost their relevance. For example, if the shadows are blue, the lips are necessarily pink. At the same time, the dress will be blue, and the shoes, and the handbag – a complete set.

It is necessary to select shadows not of the same color as clothes, but under it, taking into account the compatibility of shades. It is also important to remember what color of aunts best suits brown-eyed, green-eyed, blue-eyed women. You also need to remember about the time of the year with days, since black smokey ice looks too pretentious and heavy in the morning, but it’s worth replacing the shadows with caramel or beige, as makeup becomes lighter and the face looks fresh.

Anti-trend 3: Tinted eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids

Kim Kardashian outdated makeup

When your own eyelashes are long and thick, this is wonderful, because many are deprived of such luxury, so they resort to the extension procedure. But now is not about that. Most women who have sufficiently long eyelashes on the upper and lower eyelids consider it their duty to stain them the same way. The result is a puppet look that changes not only the shape of the eyes, but also the facial expression.

Of course, you should not completely abandon the application of mascara on the lower eyelid. It is necessary to highlight and tint the cilia, but not as carefully as the upper ones. And it is better to use another mascara that does not lengthen or one that is almost over, just to “comb” the cilia and shake off the shadows from them.

Anti-trend 4: Ombre lips

ombre lips

A few seasons ago, it was really fashionable to create various effects on the lips, including fading. To do this, the contour was drawn with a dark pencil, then lipstick was used a tone lighter, and in the center – a drop of even lighter gloss or liquid lipstick. Now this trend has completely lost its relevance and refers to obsolete techniques.

If you really want to focus on your lips in makeup, it is better to use an unusual color for this lipstick. At the same time, the eyes should be neutral (remember the anti-trend number 1).

Did you recognize your habits in any of the options? So, it’s time to review the contents of the cosmetic bag and slightly update it.

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