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Youth make-up trends that are not suitable for women 45+

Youth make-up trends that older ladies need to be careful with

We have collected the latest recommendations from make-up artists about which make-up from the latest trends is considered irrelevant for older women, as it can create an additional emphasis on problem areas.

Trend 1: Light shadows for the entire eyelid

margot robbie makeup

In 2021, it is extremely fashionable to apply one shade of light shadows to the entire upper eyelid. actual all beige-brown palette.

Some call this technique daytime smoky ice, others call it smoky everyday makeup. The main thing is to understand that you do not need to darken the outer corner of the eye and emphasize the lower lash line. Complement the shadows only with mascara, mostly brown or gray, not black.

The result looks very gentle and fresh, but there are nuances. This technique is absolutely not suitable for age-related makeup. Adult women desperately need an emphasis on the eyes in the form of a darkened outer corner. It is also important to correctly highlight the moving eyelid if there is a problem with the overhanging area. You can achieve the desired effect only by combining shadows of different shades, so the option with a single-color application should not be practiced.

Trend 2: Mother of pearl

Uma Thurman makeup

Today, eye makeup, made with shimmery shadows, is considered relevant. You can apply mother-of-pearl shades of the same shade to the entire area of ​​​​the moving upper eyelid, and highlight the inner corner of the eye with a color close to white to create the effect of a rested and fresh look.

This technique has one main drawback – it deprives expressiveness if you choose a light shade, and looks overly festive in a dark color.

Trend 3: Matte shadows

Kylie Jenner matte makeup

The opposite of the mother-of-pearl effect is also in trend. It is recommended to apply matte shadows together with lipstick without shimmer. Highlighter with such makeup should also be at a minimum, and skin tone should be perfect.

Matte shadows noticeably emphasize the folds on the upper eyelid, and crow’s feet, so if you are 40+, it is better to refuse them.

Trend 4: Wide eyebrows

Cara Delevingne makeup

In 2021, wide eyebrows are still in fashion. True, it is recommended to bring their shape closer to the natural one, refusing to stain with a large spade on the skin, which fashionistas and eyebrows practiced all last year.

There are three simple ways to bring your eyebrows to perfection. Hair styling details THIS ARTICLE.

Trend 5: Long thin arrows

Bella Hadid

Eye makeup with arrows, despite the trends, is always popular. Recommendations regarding the shape, thickness and color of the arrows are changing.

In 2021, black and brown arrows made with eyeliner are relevant again. The thinner the lines, the better. However, this approach has its downsides. For example, it is better not to use such arrows for age-related makeup, because due to wrinkled skin in this area, they can “blur” and look messy. It is recommended to replace them with wider ones, drawn in pencil and shadows.

Trend 6: Kissed Lip Effect

Makeup with the effect of kissed lips

Make up your lips with a bright color, and then blot them with a napkin, removing the excess – a favorite trick of models and fashionistas. This makeup looks spectacular and, as a rule, is combined with “bare eyes”, that is, without mascara.

For women 45+, the effect of kissed lips is not suitable for two reasons:

  • First, the volume is lost, which is already in short supply with age;
  • Secondly, the recommendation about the eyes is not the best solution, since it is not worth giving up mascara in adulthood for no apparent reason (an allergic reaction, for example). This color cosmetic product visibly illuminates the eyes.


Every woman can look young and fresh, the main thing is to understand as early as possible that you need to take care of your own appearance.

Nothing lasts forever, especially smooth skin without flaws. Therefore, even if there is not a single spot or crease on the face or body, you need to moisturize and nourish the skin abundantly so that it remains elastic for as long as possible.

By the way, you can restore the elasticity of the dermis with the help of various cosmetic procedures that are now popular with cosmetologists. Service overview done in THIS ARTICLE.

It is smooth skin that makes it possible to apply any type of makeup on the face, although it is still worth listening to the advice of makeup artists regarding age.

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